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Standing just outside the walls of one of the most charming towns in Tuscany, home to Piero della Francesca. A prestigious luxury villa in Sansepolcro, a perfect work of architecture steeped in greenery, for an outstanding lifestyle experience.
The Villa
The pleasure of living in beauty

A sky of century-old plants

Nature enters the villa providing an immersion into tranquillity.
Its 8,000 square-metre park, of inestimable value in terms of botanic variety and extension, is the characterising element of this property in Tuscany.
The park
The green heritage of the mansion

An oasis in the land of Piero della Francesca

Three levels of taste, style and prestigious.
A true expression of Tuscan style, Villa Giovagnoli - Sforzi is a very spacious luxury residence. It has been completely refurbished with modern and functional furnishing. Its independent access and utilities allow for a division, with no extra work needed, into several completely self-sufficient housing units.
Here history “lives” and redraws the memory of a splendid past which is still alive and perceptible.
Living there
An environment for a charmed lifestyle
Delve into tranquillity
Villa Giovagnoli - Sforzi is an oasis of peace within Sansepolcro, in Tuscany, actually standing inside the town but steeped in tranquillity.
A jewel of art, beauty and traditions steeped within the green of Tuscany