Three levels of taste, style and prestigious

A true expression of Tuscan style, Villa Giovagnoli - Sforzi is a very spacious luxury residence.
It has been completely refurbished with modern and functional furnishing. Its independent access and utilities allow for a division, with no extra work needed, into several completely self-sufficient housing units.
Here history “lives” and redraws the memory of a splendid past which is still alive and perceptible.

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Decor and frescoes

Special warmth is provided by the original floors, tastefully decorated ceilings and valuable frescoes embellishing many of the rooms. Stories and landscapes are enclosed in lunettes and small squares, also frescoed, harmoniously complementing a perfect and streamlined space.


The villa housed for several years the fresco by Piero della Francesca "Hercules".

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Stylish Manor House

An imposing staircase made of stone leads to the upper floors, with a stylish iron railing. The brightness from the skylight amplifies its beauty.

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The most charming of the sixteen mansions in Sansepolcro

The old kitchen features a valuable seventeenth-century fireplace, with a frieze and inscription (“Desidibus calor et umbra nocet”), which is supposed to have belonged to Piero della Francesca.

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An environment for a charmed lifestyle

Looking out of windows and balconies you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Italian garden and park: everywhere you feel the emotion which connects every stone and corner in this place.

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