The green heritage of the mansion

Nature enters the villa providing an immersion into tranquillity. Its 8,000 square-metre park, of inestimable value in terms of botanic variety and extension, is the characterising element of this property in Tuscany. Restored to its original beauty, it has always been the expression of the prestige and power of the owners of the villa.

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The Italian garden

The beautiful pathway is embellished by century-old plants, some of them exotic, the eighteenth-century Italian garden, the century-old boxwood-lined footpaths, the “green room” with its lush pergola, the round pond, the small nymphaeum, the well-tended flowerbeds.
The main area has a unique star-shaped plan, originally intended to represent Creation.

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A stone shell between bushes, flowerbeds and rare plants

A stone fountain in grotesque style leads to the entrance to the mansion. Its shell collects the water outflow; while the two dolphins on the sides, a symbol of the duality of nature, look as if they are observing passers-by.

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A valuable legacy for remembrance and peace

The ancient defence wall safeguards this oasis of peace.
A protected and valuable area with the memories and affections it preserves, a romantic place where owners and guests took refuge to spend the hottest hours of the day and stroll in the shade.

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